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Hair Styles Zone FAQs

We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked hair colouring questions we are asked when someone wants to colour or style their hair using Smart Beauty Products.

If you have any questions that do not appear here please check our knowledge base or click here to send us an email.

Q. I have dark brown/ nearly black hair. Will Smart Colour work for me?
A. Yes, Smart Colour has been specially formulated to work on all hair types and colours.

Q. Will I need to pre-lighten my dark hair before using Smart Colour?
A. No, Smart Colour consists of a one step lift and colour system, therefore even on dark hair no pre-lightening is necessary.

Q. Can I go swimming after using Smart Colour?
A. Try to leave a gap of approx 7-10 days between colour application and swimming to ensure the colour is locked into your hair.

Q. I use relaxers on my hair. Can I use Smart Colour?
A. Yes you can, however we would advise that you leave your hair to settle for 10days - 2 weeks before using Smart Colour. We would advise that prior to any Smart Colour application, a strand test and patch test is carried out. Incompatibilities and / or allergies can occur at any time and for any reason, therefore it is best to be cautious. The instructions will guide you through the test process.

Q. I have used Smart Colour and I love the result but now the colour has started to fade. What can I do to make it more vibrant again?
A. You have 2 options. You can re-apply Smart Colour every 4 weeks. However if you have experienced fading quicker than this, you can use the colour powder (Sachet 2) and mix it with 45ml of water. This will refresh your colour without the use of activator / peroxide .

Q. The vibrancy I achieve when I use Smart Colour is great. How can I keep it bright for longer?
A. When washing your hair, use a conditioning shampoo as this will coat the hair and help to lock the colour in for longer. Also, if possible, do not expose your hair to excess sunlight as this will fade your colour quicker.

Q. I am against animal testing. What is Smart Beauty's policy on this?
A. None of the Smart Colour collection is tested on animals. You can get more information about hair colouring and our products on our advice pages, by emailing us or by calling our help line on 0871 703 4517

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